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September 3, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: Before anything I want to thank the track for making the effort to get all the features in tonight. The weather held off and the track was very fast.

With it raining on and off all day my brother and we didn't load our stuff up until 5:30. It was raining pretty hard when we did. We got to the track late and had to hurry up and get the cars ready for packing and hot laps. My car was very tight during hot laps.

Because I showed up late I had to start last in the feature. I had two goals for myself. Beat the #20 car to get 3rd place in points and get a top 5 in the feature.

The track was really fast. I really didnt have to lift much to run the top and the car was tight all through the turn. I was still able to weave through traffic using the entire track to get through traffic. I made it up to 7th out of 21 cars in the 25 lap feature.

I was able to finish ahead of the #20 car and got 3rd place points at Beaver Dam.

I had 8 Top 5 finishes and 13 Top 10 finishes in 14 races at Beaver Dam this year. 11th place was my worse finish of the year and the only time I didn't finish in the top 10.

It was a great year for me.

August 13, 2011 Sturgeon Bay and Beaver Dam, WI: Last week was an up and down week of racing for DJ.

Starting in Sturgeon Bay on Thursday night an early spin in the heat race removed any chance of a good starting position in the feature. DJ made some changes to the car and tightened it up. He had to start last in the feature of 12 cars. The changes made to the car were perfect. Before lap 5 DJ was already in the top 5. He spent most of the race fighting little brother Ethan for 3rd place. After a side by side battle of more than 10 laps Ethan finally pulled away and DJ finished 4th.

Beaver Dam Raceway August 6th was fan appreciation night. It was very fun meeting alot of fans and talking racing with them.

The night started off with a very tacky track. Every car was fast. DJ got stuck behind a couple guys racing each other for a few laps of the heat race. By the time he got past the field was already a few seconds ahead. DJ was able to run the fastest time in the heat race in the laps he spent trying to run the field down.

The feature started out well. With a 12th place starting position DJ was up to 6th around lap 5. This was about the same time something in the steering box got jammed up again for the second time this year. The rest of the race DJ fought an unpredictable car that wouldn't react well to his steering input. Trying not to be in the way too much DJ fell back to 12th.

After the race it was discovered that turned the steering wheel to the left would not turn the left front tire only the right front was rotating. It explains the massive push during the race.

DJ and the team have the car prepared for racing August 13th at Beaver Dam Raceway. Looking for a much better result this weekend.

July 24, 2011 Sun Prairie, WI: A long night at Angell Park for DJ Ross. The rains came just before hot laps and delayed racing over an 1 hour.

Getting out on the track for hotlaps the track still felt very sloppy like soup. DJ drove from 5th to finish 3rd in his heat race.

DJ was fortunate to start 5th in the feature. The track was very heavy and fast. Not exactly the type of track that DJ likes. With in the first few laps of battling inside the top 5 DJ's steering started to feel erratic and not responsive. The car wouldn't turn in and then all of sudden it would. DJ spent most of the race trying to defend his position and not cause any problems.

After finishing 6th DJ looked under the car to find one of the dust boots off the steering rack and box. Big chunks of clay were wedged into the steering box. The front and rear bumpers were bent enough that they will need replacing. The right side fenders where both damaged and the right side running board is folded up under the car. Most of this damage came from a few ruts on the track.

"This wasn't the type of night we wanted. The car just wasn't right once the steering got messed up. I generally struggle on heavy wet tracks because I have so many nights on my stock motor. I'm hoping for more dry slick races the rest of the year. We can compete with anyone on that type of track."

July 23, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: DJ was looking for more of the same July 23 coming off his first feature win a week earlier.

The heat race started off with a very wet turn 1. On entry DJ went up high and before he even attempted to turn into turn 1 the car was facing the infield. Some how DJ was to save the car but a driver behind him hit the same water and slid into the wall causing a caution.

DJ drove the rest of the heat race conservatively and finished 4th.

In the feature DJ was starting 6th a good spot to be. After a few laps contact was made with two drivers. DJ was in the middle of a 3 wide battle and contact on the drivers door sent DJ's right front tire into another drivers left rear. This caused the car to become very loose off the turns the rest of the race.

DJ slowly fell back to 10th place with 5 laps to go a caution came out.

Getting to restart on the outside played to his advantage. Knowing the car was going to be very loose off DJ fought back up through the field to finish the night off in 5th.

July 16, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: FINALLY a feature win!

After a second place run in the heat race DJ made a few small changes for the quickly drying out track.

Those changes where just what the car needed. Starting 6th in the feature DJ was in 2nd before the first lap was completed. DJ then had a 20 lap long battle with the #20. Swapping the lead back in forth most of the race. DJ held the bottom and made the last lap pass off turn 4 to reach the finish line first!

A few years and alot of hard work and it all came together on July 16 for DJ and the #87 car.

July 9, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: Another top 5 finish for DJ in the feature.

The car drove well in the heat race. Started in the back drove up to 4th and was running the top 3 down before the race ended.

Watched the World of Outlaws qualify and run their heat races. Before the Legends feature the track was turned up on the inside groove in the turns and the highside in turns 1 and 2 to try and bring out some moisture in the track.

A few changes that DJ made to tighten the car up he undid for the new surface.

The race was fairly uneventful for DJ. Everyone ran the very bottom line and passing was tough. DJ was able to work his way up to 5th after missing a few wrecks. It was a good points night for DJ as he is now 3rd in the Beaver Dam Raceway standings.

July 9, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: After a very close race last weekend DJ is hoping to pull off a win tonight with the Legends being the support class for the World Of Outlaws.

Last year in this race DJ started first and lead the first 14 laps until falling back to finish 3rd. Hopefully the car runs as well and the rain will hold off not delaying any of the races tonight.

July 2, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI: National Qualifier night for the Legends cars at Beaver Dam Raceway. DJ expects a big field tonight in Beaver Dam.

DJ and the 87 car are really going for a first place in National points to secure a spot in the dirt nationals this fall. DJ has placed first in Semi-Pro National points in all the races he entered this year except one. The one was last weekend at Beaver Dam where 87 car struggled with no forward bite. Couldn't get the car off the corners at all finishing 9th overall.

No changes where made for racing at Angell Park the next night and the car still couldn't get off the turns in the heat. A few adjustments where made and a car that struggled to get 4th in a heat race came home 4th in the feature.

DJ and the team plan on showing up with that same base setup to ensure he's got the forward bite out of the turns to compete with everyone else.

DJ's off to the race shop in Reeseville, WI a little bit earlier this Saturday to ensure everything on the car checks out and is ready for this event.

June 25, 2011 Only got one night of racing in last weekend. Angell Park was rained out Sunday. DJ finished 3rd in his heat race and 6th in the feature. The track wasn't to DJ's liking. It just didn't get dry and slick like it had in previous weeks. DJ will have to keep an eye on the track and make more adjustments to the car if the track is going to stay tacky.

June 17, 2011 This Fathers day weekend has back to back races scheduled for DJ Ross. With Saturday night racing at Beaver Dam Raceway and Sunday night in Sun Prairie, WI at Angell Park Speedway.

DJ's looking forward to visiting Angell Park for the first time this season and hopes to continue his successful season this weekend.

June 15, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI, -- Another very solid night for DJ at Beaver Dam Raceway.

In trying something different this weekend DJ and his teammate who's also his little brother Ethan swapped cars for practice this weekend. The goal was for DJ to give Ethan some feedback to help the #54 Legends car gain some speed. Both drivers ran very competitive laps and passed each other several times on the track.

The track was smooth and starting to turn grey for the heat races. DJ started his heat race 3rd and finished 2nd. Only the inside groove was the fast lane to be in and DJ used that to move up to 2nd.

The 20 lap feature was a great race with several passes for the lead. DJ started 6th on the outside and used the outside lane in turns 1 and 2 and squeezed down to the middle low groove in turns 3 and 4 to gain the led by lap 3. Constant lead changes took place for the first 10 laps of the race with DJ running 1st and 2nd most of this time.

DJ caught a huge break during the first caution. Going into turn 1 DJ got too high and a already very loose racecar spun out in turn 2. Luckily the caution had come out a few seconds before do to a spin in turn 4. DJ was able to restart in the lead.

DJ fought to keep the lead for the rest of the race but after a few green flag laps the right rear tire would get hot and the car would just get looser and looser. The #87 Legends car finished the night out in 4th place. Also DJ ran the fastest lap in the feature something he hasn't done before.

June 11, 2011 Beaver Dam, WI, -- DJ Ross and the #87 Legends car is competing at Beaver Dam Raceway this weekend. After having the previous Saturday off DJ is excited to get back on the track and follow up his 5th place finish in the May 28th race weekend.

Something interesting you may see this weekend is DJ hot lapping his brother and teammates #54 Legends car. Ethan Ross will hot lap DJ's #87 to feel out his car. This will hopefully give Ethan more feedback on what to change on his car to get more speed out of it.

Hot laps are scheduled to start at 5:30 and racing begins at 6:30 p.m. Don't forget $15 a car load at Beaver Dam Raceway every regular race weekend. So fill up your car or truck and come watch the show.

April 3, 2011
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March 29, 2011 Matrix Concepts is now a sponsor of the #87 Legends car for 2011 season.

March 26, 2011 AMSOIL proudly, is a sponsor of the #87 and #54 Ross Brothers Racing legends cars for the 2011 season.

March 4, 2011 A new For Sale page has been added to the site. Check it out. I have my truck listed and will probably list a few racing items in the next few days. Email me any questions or your phone number and I'll contact you.

March 1, 2011 Excited to annouce Ultra-Shield Race Products and Bell Racing Helmets as sponsors for the 2011 season.

November 7, 2010 In the Choice Insurance Legends division, Brandon Schmitt brought home the championship hardware, Mike Mueller finished in the second spot with Joe Johnson taking third. The most improved award went to Dallas Ross, with Dan Troyan taking the rookie of the year trophy. Greg Hartlaub was the recipient of the sportsmanship award. Source

September 22, 2010 Photos and Schedule updated.

September 5, 2010 The A Main got underway with BJ Bates taking the lead. The lead would last until lap number three when Dallas Ross would go around Bates on the high side. Ross would lead until lap six when Joel Wyttenbach would use the inside to get by Ross. Brandon Schmitt would move to the runner up spot on lap seven and challenge for the lead but couldnít get around Wyttenbach. Kevin Brill would use the inside to work his way towards the front as he got around Schmitt on lap fifteen for second. Wyttenbach would take the victory over Brill, Schmitt would come home third, Mike Mueller took fourth and BJ Bates would finish fifth. Source

August 29, 2010 The Choice Insurance Legends had three heats. The winners were Grant Greenfield, Joe Wyttenbach, and Dallas Ross.

The A Main got underway with Greenfield and Wyttenbach getting together in turn 3. On the restart Ethan Ross would jump out front. His lead would last until lap 4 when Dallas Ross would get by. One lap later, Wyttenbach, who restarted in the 20th spot, would take the lead. The next lap would see Brandon Schmitt slip by Wyttenbach on the inside for the lead. On lap 7 Wyttenbach would return the favor and get by Schmitt on the inside. Wyttenbach would go on and lead the rest of the way and take the win, Joe Johnson would also get by Schmitt and take second, Dallas Ross would come home fourth and Greenfield would recover from the first lap accident to claim fifth. Source

August 1, 2010 There was a field of 19 Choice Insurance Legend cars on hand. The heat races were won by Joel Wyttenbach and Ethan Ross.

The A Main saw Dave Fraser jump to the lead from the second starting position. While Fraser would lead the race, a good battle was going on behind him between Mike Mueller, Grant Greenfield, Joe Johnson, Ross and Wyttenbach for positions 2 thru 6. On lap 8 Wyttenbach would work his way to the front and around Fraser using the high side. Lap 9 saw the biggest wreck of the year for the legend cars as a half dozen cars got together on the front stretch, including current point leader Brandon Schmitt. On the restart, Wyttenbach would maintain his lead and take the victory, Greenfield would finish in second, followed by Johnson, Mueller and Dallas Ross in fifth. Source

July 20, 2010 George Giese took the lead at the drop of the green before relinquishing the lead to Brandon Schmitt a few laps into the feature event. Schmitt would continue to lead at the halfway point with Grant Greenfield and Dallas Ross completing the top three. Schultz would coast to an easy victory with Ethan Ross beating Dallas Ross to the line for second Greenfield would end up fourth. Source

July 14, 2010 I was very fortunate to be invited onto the XtraLaps radio show.

"Join us every Wednesday from 6-7pm for XtraLaps presented by Uptown Collision Center of Slinger. Each week, Dan and John profile local drivers and find out their thoughts about what happens on and off the track! The XtraLaps radio show is live at The Minehaft in downtown Hartford, WI and broadcast on 92.5 FM WBWI." July 14 for my interview

July 2, 2010 Heat Winners: Dallas Ross, Mike Mueller
Dallas Ross took advantage of his pole position as he grabbed the lead with Dave Fraser grabbing second in the early laps of the Legends feature. Ross would continue to lead at the halfway point with Mike Mueller grabbing second. Mueller would grab the lead on lap twelve with Ross back to second. A lap sixteen caution would set up a four lap shootout. On the restart, Mueller would hold the lead as Joe Johnson moved to second and Ross to third. The checkers would fly with Mueller picking up the win. Source

June 27, 2010 The A Main got underway with Dallas Ross taking the lead from his fifth starting position. He would lead the first seven laps and then Dave Fraser would take the point on lap eight. Lap nine saw Ross, Fraser, and Brian Peterson race three wide for the lead. Peterson would go to the front on lap ten. Eric Barth would move to second place on lap eleven and slowly started closing in on Peterson. A caution would bring Barth to Petersonís rear bumper, but in the end Peterson hung on for his second consecutive main event, he was followed to the stripe by Barth, Dan Troyan, Brandon Schmitt, and Fraser.Source

June 18, 2010 Dallas Ross would take the early lead in the Legends feature event with his brother Ethan taking the second spot. Grant Greenfield would move into second and close in on Dallas as we hit lap six. Greenfield would take the lead on the next lap with Joe Johnson moving to second and Ross to third. Greenfield would cruise to victory with Johnson and Greg Hartlaub rounding out the top three. Source

August 16, 2009 Sun Prairie, WI After a long rain delay we got to race at a track I've never been to before. The car was ok in hotlaps just felt like the right front was sliding on top of the track. Managed to get 5th place in my heat race. We had a 15 lap feature race and on lap 7 I slid off turn 4 and just kept sliding until I just touched the wall with the right rear. I came into the pits figuring I bent or broke something but the car checked out ok. Another dnf and a 17th place finish.

August 15, 2009 Beaver Dam, WI I had a good run with a 3rd place finish in my heat race. Started 2nd in the feature with my little brother in the #54 on the pole. On the intial start got a little jump and probably would have led a few laps if a caution didn't come out. They re-lined us up and got another solid start, thought I shifted into 4th but before I got to turn 1 I was on the rev limiter. Got it to 4th but kind of missed the turn and lost a ton of spots. Got shuffled back to around 12th and made my way back into the top 10. With probably 5 laps to go the left rear trailing arm bolt snapped coming off for allowing the left rear wheel travel several inches forward and backward. I limped into the pits with another dnf finished 18th.

May 30, 2009 Beaver Dam, WI My night ended in the B main running 4th. About halfway through the race the motor started miss and cut out like it was missing at least 1 cylinder. Put the car in the pits, checked the plug wires and started it up again and it ran and sounded normal. Mark that one down to a loose plug wire.

May 23, 2009 Beaver Dam, WI Another 6th place finish in a heat race. Will continue to work on improving my performance in the heats. Finished 13th in the A main. I remember A LOT of yellows during this race. Not sure the total amount, but it was a lot. I was lucky not to be involved in any of the cautions. I struggled getting through turn 3 and off of turn 4. It cost me two spots, because with 2 laps to go I was in 11th. Another night, more experience, looking forward to the next one.

May 22, 2009 Chilton, WI

May 16, 2009 Beaver Dam, WI The first race of the season at Charter Raceway Park. I had a decent run in heat race 2 and finished 4th. The car was still pushing through the turns but I knew the track would dry out for the feature. The A main saw quite a few fast cars pull off because of various part failures. The 87 car held together and finished 12th. It was nice to be able to roll on to the trailer at the end of the night and not have to fix anything broken during the week.

May 8, 2009 Chilton, WI First race of the season for #87 Legend. This was the first time for the #87 to hit the track in 2009. With lots of new hardware and parts I was a little nervous taking to the track in my heat race. The car held together great but was real pushy on a very sticky track. I finished 7th in the heat race. I didn't make any changes to the car for the feature because the track did dry out a good amount. The car was still a little tight in the feature but was driving better. In the middle of the race I was racing for 8th spot and another car and I made contact in turn 2. It was hard enough to break some front suspension compents on the car. So first race of the year and first DNF of 2009 and hopefully last.


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